150 Years of Tahoe City

Join us in celebrating the 150th anniversary of Tahoe City!

Tahoe City 150, a.k.a. ‘TC150’ is an ongoing, multi-faceted recognition and celebration of Tahoe City’s Sesquicentennial.

WHAT IS TC150?: Tahoe City 150, aka. TC150 is an ongoing multi-faceted community recognition and celebration of Tahoe City’s 150th Anniversary.

WHEN IS IT?: Throughout the anniversary year, with specific primary events to be held on August 8th, 2013 and over Labor Day weekend. Throughout the entire year, ongoing local events, tie-ins, promotions, etc. will incorporate mention and recognition of the occasion/anniversary throughout the year.

BACKGROUND: According to public records, the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, and the Tahoe City Public Utility District, the place now recognized as Tahoe City, was surveyed and recorded by W. Taft on August 8, 1863. Thusly, this year, 2013, and the year following August 8th, is the 150th anniversary of Tahoe City.

ABOUT THE CELEBRATION: Residents, former residents, fans, friends, neighbors, and general lovers of this unique place known as Tahoe City are invited to recognize, commemorate and celebrate Tahoe City’s 150th anniversary (aka: “Tahoe City 150” or “TC150” ) throughout the entire year. The overall focus points of the ‘celebration’ are on building historic awareness, current day recognition and community pride in both the immediate and extended community that Tahoe City so fortunately holds. Simply put, wherever you go, in and around Tahoe City, throughout the year, it should be obvious that its Tahoe City’s 150th Anniversary.

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