Community Meeting to Vote on Public Art for Kings Beach Roundabouts!

Don’t miss this chance to vote for Public Roundabout Art in Kings Beach this Thursday. The 5 finalist images can be found on!

–“That radial is screaming for some plastic pink flamingos!”

“The wildlife around the Incline turnabout is scary at night . . . I vote for a giant, transparent pink Tyrannosaurus in a bikini . . .”

“. . . i don’t support Pink Daisies.”

These are just three of the comments alert citizens have submitted to the Tahoe Public Art (TPA) Facebook page to aid the selection process for the permanent public art to go in the two new Kings Beach Roundabouts.

The art selection process is underway, and the final selection will be done by you—the community— on Thursday, March 19, 2015, from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach. You are encouraged to attend!

After the TPA Call to Artists went out to artists near and far, 38 proposals came in from Vermont to Hawaii, and points in between, with many local artists participating. The three-tier jury selection process began in February, when Jury #1 selected 12 semifinalists; then Jury #2 selected five finalists. The final selection of two will be made at the March 19 community meeting.

CalTrans will make sure they pass structural review and CalTrans specifications. The official unveiling is planned for Saturday, September 26,2015 (unless there are CalTrans or other unanticipated delays).

Community members are encouraged to attend on March 19. For more information, email or call (530) 546-9000. For more information about Tahoe Public Art or to donate, visit

Tahoe Public Art is a consortium of North Tahoe Business Association, North Tahoe Arts and Tahoe City Downtown Association. Tahoe Public Art’s mission is to enhance and preserve the natural beauty and history of North Lake Tahoe through visual arts that promote environmental stewardship and cultural unity.


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