Dinner and A Movie – A Night for Foodies and Film Lovers

Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema opens in Tahoe City with acclaimed independent food film ‘TRATTORIA’

Wolfdale’s Restaurant and Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema have teamed up to bring
a night of food and film.
The new Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema will be opening its doors by co-hosting with Wolfdale’s Restaurant an event with food and pairing it alongside a film about food. It was made possible thanks to Tahoe City chef Douglas Dale’s relationship with the director of the 2013 film “Trattoria.”
The event, “Dinner and A Movie – A Night for Foodies & Film Lovers”, will be held Friday, September 5th 2014 at the former Cobblestone Cinema, reopening to show a variety of movies, like festival favorite “Trattoria”, along with hosting live performances and offering food and beer under the new ownership of Steven & Melissa Siig and Mark & Liz Gogolewski.
Chef Dale is the uncle of director Jason Wolos as well the food stylist for “Trattoria.” He also makes an appearance in the movie. “I thought it would be fun to collaborate with the new Tahoe Art Haus Cinema to show “Trattoria” and host a tasty event for the community. Plus, the film was shot in San Francisco and LakeTahoe, so the cityscapes are familiar, which always makes a film more fun” Dale said. And having an event for the opening of the theater seemed like a perfect opportunity.
“I thought, let’s screen “Trattoria” at The Art Haus & Cinema so people can appreciate one of the few remaining movie theaters on the North Shore. And let’s pair it with some food at Wolfdale’s. It’s only $35, so people can truly enjoy it,” he said.
The film is an independent drama about the love of food and family and a workaholic chef’s struggle to make a success of his San Francisco restaurant. It stars Tony Denison as Chef Sal Sartini. Denison is known for his work on high-profile television shows, including a role as Lt. Andy Flynn on both “The Closer” and “Major Crimes.”
“Trattoria” also features some other popular local chefs in its cast like Mark Estee (Moody’s, Campo), Billy McCollough (Dragonfly), and celebrity chefs, including Traci Des Jardins (The Next Iron Chef, Top Chef), and Elizabeth Falkner (Top Chef, Top Chef Masters), who play themselves.
Following the screening, there will be a party at Wolfdale’s, with Wolos and writer/producer Dawn Rich attending. There is also a possibility of some of the actors attending, dependent on their availability and filming commitments. Local actor Jeremiah Nelson is sure to be there as he was an extra in the movie.
The event will begin at the Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema with hors d’oeuvres, wine, the movie and a Q&A, then guests will head to Wolfdale’s courtyard for an after party with food, bocce and music by Greg Rodman. It is sure to be a great event!
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