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Based on the true story of Elmore City, Oklahoma, which banned dancing for 90 years, Footloose is back! When big city teenager Ren moves to a small town, he finds that wide open spaces sometimes come with very narrow minds. As the town copes with tragedy, the influential Reverend Moore has banned dancing and rock music. Pretty soon, Ren is the rebel with a cause, winning over the hearts (and feet!) of the whole community. Packed with a top-ten hit score like “Almost Paradise,” “Let’s Hear It for the Boy,” “Holding Out for a Hero,” and “Footloose.”

Footloose was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

PG, 1 hr 50


1. Movie starts at 9 pm. Please arrive no later than 8:30 pm. Use the main Cobblestone driveway to enter the parking lot. You will be guided to your parking space.

2. Ticket price ($35) includes 2 people and 2 concession items of your choice (medium popcorn, medium drink or candy). An employee will take your order when checking you in and deliver the items to your car.

3. We recommend 2-3 people per car as it can be difficult to see the screen from the back seat. Extra people (third, fourth or fifth person) are $5 each, pay when you arrive.

4. You will need an FM radio. We found channels 97 to 98.5 are best, but search your frequencies for anywhere from 97 to 100. We have one FM radio to loan out for those who need it.

5. Please be aware if you are able to turn off your headlights and breaklights. If not, we recommend a blanket or duct tape to cover the lights. If you have bike racks or a rooftop cargo box on top of your car, we recommend taking those off before arriving.

6. Please maintain good social distancing and stay 6 feet apart from all other moviegoers. Do not congregate outside your car.

7. Unfortunately no alcohol is allowed in cars and we cannot sell open containers of alcohol to-go. Please respect these rules so we can continue operating the drive-in. You are welcome to enjoy a beer or glass of wine in our courtyard.

8. You must wear a mask and sanitize your hands to enter the lobby to use the bathroom. Only one person or one family unit allowed inside at a time.

9. If you need to order more concession items after the movie has started, please order from the service window at the theater. Please maintain social distancing while standing in line.

10. Please tip your servers! They are working hard running back and forth between the theater and the drive-in.

11. Once the movie starts, if you need assistance and an employee is not outside, please call the theater at 530-584-2431.

11. Shows can be cancelled due to weather. In that case, refunds will be issued or tickets moved to a different night.