Faces of Tahoe City – Business Spotlight: Welling Construction

Building Trust-Building Dreams – that’s what Welling Construction is all about. Just ask owner, Brent Welling who has been running this Tahoe City company of 20 employees for 25 years. Brent works closely with his talented, dedicated office staff and team of field crews.  His wife Nancy is also on the team and assists with marketing in addition to company development.

Brent takes great pride in his company and is inspired by the company’s ability to manage projects from start to finish with all the clients’ expectations being met.  Brent and Nancy value the relationship they build with their clients, starting with understanding their vision and working tightly with managing their budget and timing.  Brent feels there’s an advantage with the extensive experience of remodeling.  Their team can really  “think outside the box” and make projects come together.  Remodeling and new builds always present challenges, but the success of incorporating a “Yes attitude” makes a unique project come together and is truly rewarding.  Brent works closely with his clients, understanding the full scope of their desires and enjoys seeing a project come to fruition. Brent says he loves what he does and couldn’t imagine going back in time and doing anything differently.

After growing up in Glenview, Illinois and attending Eastern Illinois University, Brent moved to Los Gatos, CA and started his business there in 1992.  Brent eventually moved to Tahoe in 1994. While in Glenview, Brent was inspired by a high school trades program in which he and classmates built homes from the ground up. These houses were then sold and the money raised went back into the trades program. In that 2 year program, the first year was in the classroom learning building techniques and reading plans. This trades program inspired many students to become building contractors, including Brent!

In his spare time, Brent loves to spend time with family. He and Nancy have a 15 year old daughter, Maddie. Together they enjoy skiing, mountain biking and travel. Being active in their daughter’s life is paramount to Brent and Nancy, who support Maddie’s academics, ski racing and soccer. Brent has also taken a great interest in learning the trade as a “ski tech” which he’s adapted over the years with Maddie’s ski racing.

Being active and involved parents is incredibly rewarding to Brent and Nancy, along with running a thriving business in the community. Brent’s advice to anyone interested in starting a creative business: be flexible, open to advice and know when to turn off work to live a balanced life.

Welling Construction specializes in fine homebuilding and remodeling on the beautiful north and west shores of Lake Tahoe along with Truckee since 1994.



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