Faces of Tahoe City – The 2017 Vulcan Krewe

Meet the “2017 Vulcan Krewe” from the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, who just arrived to Tahoe City for the 2017 North Lake Tahoe Snowfest.

The Krewe — or Vulcans to many of us — are a group of guys from Minnesota who have traveled for 32 years to be a lively, fun and a memorable part of the parades and events during SnowFest!

The Vulcans enjoy becoming part of the Tahoe City community each March, to share good cheer and a healthy dose of black paint, which they reserve for the faces of females of all age. (watch out!)

Every year the Vulcans travel at their own expense, to attend all events they can stuff into their busy schedule. But for them, it is money well spent, because they are invested in Tahoe City and North Lake Tahoe.

Former SnowFest! Executive Director, Ruth Schnabel, is the reason for the rise of the Vulcans at SnowFest! over the years. Ruth grew up attending the St. Paul Winter Carnival, their home base, and in 1985 she convinced the Krewe to come out to North Lake Tahoe.

Thirty-two years later, they are still at it and ready to party at the 36th anniversary of SnowFest! in Tahoe City!

Come celebrate “Snowmageddon” at the 2017 North Lake Tahoe SnowFest with the Minnesota Vulcan Krewe. Give these awesome guys a big hug and, if you are lucky, you might just get some black paint (& a big smile) on your face.

For the full 10-day schedule of SnowFest! events, visit: www.tahoesnowfestival.com.

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Photo: River Ranch Lodge
Story info thanks to Tim Hauserman via the Sierra Sun-North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

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