Faces of Tahoe City – Douglas Dale

ddIt’s #facesoftahoecity Friday. Meet Douglas Dale, Owner/Chef at Wolfdale’s& Tahoe City local.

Douglas grew up in Buffalo, NY and quickly learned the ins & outs of the restaurant industry from his “song & dance” father, a vaudeville entertainer and nightclub emcee.

Looking to continue his education, Douglas studied ceramics and Japanese culture at Antioch College in Ohio and was selected to study aboard in Japan as a potter apprentice at a Buddhist Temple, which led to invaluable instruction in Japanese vegetarian cuisine that helped launch his career.

After further training with a Japanese chef in Boston, Douglas moved toNorth Lake Tahoe to open “Wolfdales” with former partner Jerry “Wolf” in Homewood in 1978. A few years later Douglas and wife Kathleen Dale moved the restaurant to its present day Tahoe City location, a historic building that was barged across Lake Tahoe from Glenbrook in 1901.

Douglas is passionate about his career because he is always learning and enjoys celebrating the positive experiences of his guests. He loves Tahoe City because of the healthy lifestyle and connection with nature.

Excited about the renaissance of Tahoe City, Douglas is eagerly awaiting the Tahoe City Lodge Project, opportunities for future mixed-use development in downtown & watching the younger generation continue the vision for Tahoe City.

When not working, you can find Douglas with his family (Kathleen, Justin Dale & Christine Dale), skate skiing at Tahoe XC, practicing Aikido (Japanese martial arts), golfing at Tahoe City Golf Course/Bar and Restaurant or grilling at the BBQ with friends and family at Commons Beach.

Learn more tales and tastes of Chef Douglas Dale in his newly released Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique cookbook and memoir, filled with 70 recipes & 40 years of stories, produced in partnership with his daughter Christine– the genius behind the book. The book is available NOW at the restaurant and at www.Wolfdales.com. Pick-up a copy today – you’ll love it!

Visit www.visittahoecity.org/events/tcdablog for more faces of Tahoe City!

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