Five Takeaways from the NAHAS Property Open House

Placer County invited North Tahoe community members to an Open House yesterday

for discussion on the potential Nahas Property Locals Housing project. Representatives from Related California and team members, Pacific Companies and Dinsmore Sierra LLC presented guiding principles of the project, and various break-out stations captured community feedback on the development concept. The project, currently named Dollar Creek Crossing, is in the conceptual phase and community input is requested.
Developers plan to deliver on three key points:
Achievable Local Housing, Community Needs, and Environmental Benefit.
Two follow-up meetings are scheduled:
May 20, 4-6pm @ Tahoe City Public Utility District Board Room
July 19, 4-6pm @ Tahoe City Public Utility District Board Room
Reference Key:
YELLOW: Affordable Housing
RED: Market Rate Housing
GREEN: Landscape Buffer
Proposed Development:
190 Apartments
14 For-Sale Units
Community Feedback
Break-out sessions at the Open House requested feedback on the following:
  1. Concept Site Plan
  2. Circulation and Traffic
  3. Open Space & Fire Safety
  4. Design
  5. For Sale / For Rent Products
Developers are also looking for improvement suggestions on the following:
  1. Top 3 ideas/concerns that the team should focus on
  2. One BIG idea to create a transformative project
  3. Overall Comments
Suggestions, feedback and comments can be emailed to:
These notes will be compiled into a report and a refined plan will be presented at a future meeting
that is reflective of input received.
DRAFT Guiding Principles:
  1. Improve housing choices in North Lake Tahoe for this and future generations by providing a mix of for-rent and for-sale housing for the local community.
  2. Provide housing opportunities for locals and working professionals near jobs, transit, schools and trails while reducing regional traffic impacts.
  3. Preserve the scenic character of the Dollar Hill Village Center and create a project of enduring value and beauty.
  4. Create a plan for missing middle housing that is consistent with local goals and policies including the existing zoning.
  5. Design the project to help achieve Placer County housing objectives and provide opportunities for public input.
  6. Create a plan that utilizes existing driveways/intersections as access points to the extent possible and limits new traffic in existing nearby neighborhoods.
  7. Support the existing trail network and create improved bike and pedestrian connections to transit stops.
  8. Create a plan that implements best forest management practices to reduce fire risk to the project and surrounding neighborhood.
  9. Partner with the local NGO’s, Mountain Housing Council, Placer County, local business community, State Agencies and the private sector to create a model neighborhood of attainable housing and sustainable development for the region.
  10. Explore innovative construction techniques that are safe, attractive, code compliant and create a demonstration project for innovation and cost effective high quality design.
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