Give Back Tahoe

The end of the year marks a time for celebration, reflection, to be grateful, and an opportunity to share our resources in ways that make a direct impact to those causes we are passionate about in our own community. We love Tahoe! You love Tahoe! Together we can make a collective impact!End-of-year giving is a big deal for most organizations. More than 1/3 of all charitable contributions are given during the last three months of each year! Here in North Lake Tahoe, we have a vibrant community that services and cares for this beautiful region. The Give Back Tahoe Giving Guide showcases many of the different organizations that are doing amazing work in our region.

Help our community this giving season by supporting Tahoe City Downtown Association or one of our many nonprofits through the Give Back Tahoe Giving Guide. By giving through this website, we can measure our collective end-of-year giving. We believe that no matter how much you have to give, from $10 to $10 million, our collective efforts will make a real impact in this community.

Please share with your friends and family.


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