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A self-described workaholic, Stacie Lyans is wowing people who live and visit Tahoe City. Her vast amount of positive energy – an enthusiasm that evokes thoughts of the Energizer bunny – appears boundless based on all she’s done and strives to do as Tahoe City Downtown Association’s executive director, a position she’s held since May 2014.

After a decade working for Humboldt State University, her alma mater, Lyans moved to Tahoe City to accept the leadership position at TCDA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering business and a strong sense of community in Tahoe City.



“I always look for opportunities where I can truly make a difference,” explained Lyans when she accepted the position.

One recent example is this year’s Oktoberfest, which attracted more than three times the number of last year’s attendees. It was, as she promised, bigger and better than the previous year. Lyans worked into the wee hours and the next day cleaning up. She has grown TCDA’s membership base and attracted dedicated new volunteers in just one and half years. We met up on the Monday following Tahoe City’s Oktoberfest. With green detox beverage in hand, she greeted me with her characteristic ear-to-ear smile as we settled in at The Dam Café.

“If I were to poll your friends, what characteristics do you think they’d note as your most positive,” I asked Lyans. Within hours of posting the prompt on her Facebook page, dozens of responses flooded the comment section. “You are enthusiastically positive. And, it’s contagious,” shared one friend. Another wrote, “You have the biggest heart and most infectiously positive personality. You inspire me!”

Lyans’ colleagues echo the sentiments.

“Stacie is a fierce, brave and hardworking woman who is also genuine, kind and honest. TCDA has great events and programs in place, and Stacie has been able to really take them to the next level,” shares TCDA office manager Jamie Olson. “She rolls up her sleeves and works really hard. Things succeed as a result. As a nonprofit, we are more successful, stable and sustainable and that contributes to the vibrancy of town.”

Kathy Nicholas, a TCDA board member, added, “Stacie works tirelessly and with enthusiasm to fulfill the TCDA mission to make Tahoe City the best mountain town in America. Her passion for her work and can-do attitude is really bringing the community together.”

Stacie and boyfriend, Gardner Cline-James, in Tahoe.

Lyans played intercollegiate soccer at HSU and though it took a little while for the Los Angeles native to adapt to life in Arcata, she explains that after her freshman year, she grew to love it. Lyans studied journalism, minored in kinesiology and planned to go into sports broadcasting. After less than six months working in television she knew a different career path would be paved. She began working as the membership coordinator for HSU’s alumni association and returned to school to earn a master’s degree in business administration. She worked in HSU admissions for nine years culminating as assistant director of admissions remotely living in Berkeley.

“I really fell in love with my work helping students strive toward a better future,” she explains. Lyans played on not one, not two but three soccer teams when she lived in Berkeley and though local summer leagues have tried to recruit her, Concerts at Commons Beach and other event conflicts have kept her off the field.

Lyans says that she has always loved Tahoe. While attending and working for HSU, she frequently visited, and after meeting boyfriend, Gardner Cline-James, she started visiting more often.

“We have many new and exciting businesses in Tahoe City – Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema, the Lake Tahoe Dance Collective, Trunk Show and Moe’s BBQ – all led by young business leaders who are really thinking outside of the box to help create a better Tahoe City. Plus Tahoe City has exciting future developments on the horizon,” says Lyans. “We must continue our efforts of working together as a community for Tahoe City to truly become the Best Mountain Town in America.”

Watch out. Lyans’ mind, heart and spirit are in the game, and she’s in it to win it.

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