Join our 215 business members who support the success and vibrancy of Tahoe City.

In addition to the signature events that continue to drive business to Tahoe City, the TCDA supports partner events, boosts volunteerism, and continues commercial programs and advocacy on behalf of our community. TCDA membership offers a variety of exclusive benefits including:

Discounted advertising

High-profile sponsorship opportunities

Educational and consulting opportunities

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What’s the point of having a business in an incredible town like Tahoe City if you don’t do things to involve and support the community that lives here? The TCDA helps to promote the community events that we organize at Trunk Show and has even encouraged other local businesses to participate as well, namely First Friday’s in Tahoe City! We take full advantage of the advertising discounts that membership includes and see monumental increases in business during ad campaigns.

Jaclyn Woznicki, Trunk Show

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Your annual membership is a critical component to the continued success of Tahoe City’s annual events, promotional campaigns, and our work as your voice at the local, county, and regional agency level.

Non-profits receive 1/2 off for all membership levels.

The TCDA is a critical resource for the residents and business community in Tahoe City. It empowers its members with a collective voice and coordinated, focused efforts while also providing them with a broad array of benefits that support their individual and combined success on an ongoing basis.

Eric T. Brandt, Tahoe TV/Destination Media Solutions

Faces of Tahoe City

Become a member and be featured on all of our online platforms in “Faces of Tahoe City.”

Fellow business owners: Be a part of the big picture. Not only is your time and money well spent in supporting the business community through the TCDA, it is imperative to promote Tahoe City when and whereever possible. And the discount advertising is a cost effective way to expose your business.

Chris Thiebaut, Jake’s on the Lake