We have over 100 volunteers who give over 2,000+ hours of their time yearly. Join the party!

We are a not-for-profit organization, so not only are volunteers critical to sustaining our beautiful mountain town, but we literally couldn’t do all that we do without them! We’d love for you to join our community of generous volunteers. To register as an event volunteer or to offer professional services or other forms of support, please contact our Executive Director: Kylee Bigelow (Kylee@VisitTahoeCity.com or 530-583-3348).


I value the efforts the Tahoe City Downtown Association puts forth to create a vibrant social and economic community for our residents and visitors. I am both a volunteer and financial supporter.

Bill Dietz, Tahoe Luxury Properties

Volunteer Opportunities

This is just a glimpse of the help we need; please contact Kylee (Kylee@VisitTahoeCity.com or 530-583-3348) if you’re interested in more opportunities.


When I moved home to Tahoe, the task of starting a dance company and create a performing arts scene was a daunting one. I was told about TCDA and it was integral to meet the movers and shakers that make our little town great.

Christin Hanna, Lake Tahoe Dance Collective

Thank You!

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our incredible volunteers for their time, support, and generosity.

Mindy Adams

Anne Artoux

Arbor Care of Tahoe

Juan Baccigalupi

JoAnna Battaglia

Leslie Benton

Samantha Bergstrom

Travis Boerner

Bob Bolton

Barbara Butterfield

Jessica Carr

Mike Carr

Brian Casey

Danielle Cleveland

Shawn Crawford

Sunny D

Kristen Daniels

Amelia Vaquez Davis

Carl Davis

Ryan Decker

Chaney Dietz

Ambera Dodson

Heidi Doyle

Alfie Fujitani Eldridge

David Eldridge

Shari Easton

Kym Fabel

Vanessa Fiedler

Claire Foster

Judy Friedman

Jenelle Ginoza

Kaleigh Gomes

Geno Gastelum

Justin Geiger

Robyn Genest

Deborah Godfrey

Monica Grigoleit

Cindy Gustafson

Andy Gwerder

Christin Hanna

Brian Herlihy

Dana Herlihy

Carol Hester

Laddie Hodge

Cari Howland

Darren Hughes

Hollis Johnson

Sue Kass

Roger Kahn

Heidi Kashyap

Jim Kass

Sue Kass

Tracy Kimmons

Bryan Kreul

Sherina Kreul & Family

Linda Lee Kuecker

Lolly Kupec

Tyler Lapkin

Andrew Laughlin

Carol Leathers

Jimmy Leathers

Trudi Lee

Hank Li

Gwen Licklider

Kimberly Lopez

Dodie MacAuley

Ian MacAuley

Brendan Madigan

Eric Mafnas

Erica Mafnas

Jack Mafnas

Jonah Mafnas

Laura Mesunas

Rebecca Mazalin

Kelly McElravey

Ed Miller

Ryan Mitchell

Dick Morton

Nileta Morton

Danielly Moya

Brittany Nagao

Sharon Obiama

Kristin Osmatt

Annette Paiser

Pamela Pokorny

Jane Newhard Parks

Willow Parks

Pammie Pomin

Camille Porter

Bill “B.P.” Powell

Ron Richman

Amelia Richmond

Lockett Roach

Nicholas Ross

Susan Joy Rouse

Julie Ryan

Larry Ryan

Debbie Sajdak

Jeni Schaller

Ruth Schnabel

Brooke Schulz

Jason Schulz

Patty Sevison

Kelli Shane

Matt Shane

Melissa Sharpe

Linda Sheldon

Jackie Siminitus

Vince Siminitus

Jodi Smith

Marguerite Sprague

Virginia “Tink” Tinkey

Jessica Taff

Tahoe Tree Company

Lindsay Thayer

Sandy Tomlinson

Michelle Von Lassberg

Tyler West

Rob Weston

David Whaley

Dave Wilderotter

Karen Willcuts

Renee Winn

David Zachary


Gary Davis

Bill Dietz

Katherine Hill

Sherina Kreul

Robb Olson

Rachel Rudnick

Gail Scoville

Melissa Siig