Stronger Together Window Art in Tahoe City

Community coming together is a beautiful thing. Over the past few days, volunteer artist and local painter Sara Smith gave this beautiful gift to our community. With the assistance of local photographer Clare Foster, Sara painted this incredible window art for downtown Tahoe City (351 North Lake Blvd).

The left side of the window showcases an inspiring painting of Lake Tahoe, featuring a beautiful bear with intricate details, colors, and messages on the bear, in the letters, and in water.

On the right side of the window, “Project Takeout” still remains as a reminder for our community to continue to support our local restaurants by purchasing takeout during these challenging times. (Watch out for a new “Takeout Challenge” coming soon!)

A HUGE thank to the property owner, Walt Kass, the Tahoe Emergency Fund from Tahoe Luxury Properties for supplying paint & restaurant gift cards for the artists, the TCDA, and, of course, the artists for making this happen!

If you head into downtown to pick-up some takeout for dinner tonight, safely drive by this inspiring work of art. It is breathtaking!

Please remember to be kind to one another. We are all in this together, Tahoe City.💙

Photos: Clare Foster @laketahoestrong
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